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Living Streets - Make the city of tomorrow visible today !

Don’t miss the Living Streets workshop on 18 April in Rennes, France !
Smart living or living smart ? From engagement to citizen ownership during the Energy Cities Annual Conference

Come and join this inspiring day and discover diverse initiatives that can be catalysts for social innovation and citizen ownership at building, street, neighbourhood level and even in the whole city. How we can use public space to make our daily lives better, smarter, happier ? Imagine streets with less cars. The freed space can easily be turned into places to meet, play or grow... places that benefit people, not machines. How can we co-create our neighbourhood with refurbished homes, urban living labs, district sharing boxes, civic crowdfunding for renewables and much more. So many real stories that make the city of tomorrow visible today and make you look differently at your city, your street and your job !
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How can we organise our daily lives without using our cars as much as we do today ?

By removing the car and finding other places for parking, new space becomes available and can be turned into “places” for community, interaction, support (playgrounds for children, picnic benches, pop-up bars, urban agriculture, new business opportunities-for instance, develop and test new ways for grocery shopping or let inhabitants experiment with new ways of electric car sharing, etc.).

Local authorities are no longer perceived to be the only actor to solve complex issues faced in cities.
Local authorities, businesses and residents more than ever need each other to find creative solutions by challenging each other in a smart way in how we think, act and learn. We believe that in every city there are many people from different backgrounds, from companies and within government administrations ready to join forces and search for these solutions.

Through the Living Streets project we bring this energy and creativity of these people together and will
make "the city of tomorrow" visible today. The aim is to learn from all these practical experiences and to reflect on a sustainable society.

In Ghent, Living Streets have been experimented since 2013. This is a unique pilot initiative, coordinated by Lab of Troy, an independent network of collaborating citizens, businesses, governments and organisations and developed with the support of the municipality of Ghent.
This initiative enables inhabitants to temporarily transform their street into a sustainable place they have always dreamed of. One of the main strategic questions of this experiment is how we can organise our daily lives without using our cars as much as we do today. By removing the car and finding other places for parking, new space becomes available for other functions.

Living Streets in Ghent © photo Dries Gysels

Living Streets is not a story of individuals trying to make their own street car-free. It’s a story of hundreds of people and dozens of streets, together with people from companies and from the city departments, searching for answers to make it possible that newly paved streets and neighbourhoods will always be living streets and make all parts of the society ready for it.

In this Living Streets project, 7 pilot cities (Brussels, Milton Keynes, Ivanic-Grad, Zadar, Turin, Rotterdam, La Rochelle) will test real life experiments while temporarily transforming streets into living labs, tackling different aspects : social cohesion, options for sustainable transport, improved and sustainable delivery of goods, local job creation, local food production (urban agriculture), crowdfunding.

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