Living Streets

Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is situated on the Adriatic coast and has 75,062 inhabitants.

In Zadar, the Living Streets were organised in a derelict area, nearby the historical city centre with the purpose of reviving this abandoned area by bringing it back to the citizens and turning this part of the city into a central point for gathering people and some alternative to arts, cultural events.

The Living Streets took approximately one and a half month in Zadar, including:

  • The important preparation activities taking part in the neighbourhood
  • The effective duration of the Kvart Art festival (from the 2nd of June to 17th of June 2017)

Preparatory activities: changing perspectives and future of the area

Prior to the workshop, important preparatory activities took place. The area was cleaned, the parking lots were rearranged, the public space was prepared, flowers and trees were planted. Local residents were involved in rearranging this public space, in the gardening and watering of the plants.

Also some exhibitions, master classes and an architecture workshop were organised. In this workshop young architects were thinking on how to refurbish this area and how to improve the space. The ideas were based on low budget solutions that can be implemented in short time. The citizens could express their views on the future of this area via a survey and via a big common board where all citizens could write their ideas.

The Kvart Art festival

Many activities were organised during this Living Streets event - here are some of them:
Some of the activities organised (please see the pictures at the end of the document):

  • Development of lighting installation: people could come and participate in creating their own lighting installation.
  • Sunrise breakfast: this included activities supporting healthy lifestyles
  • Children chess championship with little chess masters participating
  • Music concerts for children, archery workshops
  • Souvenir development creative workshop: this involved seniors, with the support of the association Eco Zadar
  • An open space cinema, movie quiz
  • Physical theatre workshop, outdoor theatrical performances
  • Book crossing picnic: local craftsmen made wooden houses for the books and people could exchange books. This construction is now there permanently.
  • Electric bike presentation: this involved different local bike shops promoting electric bikes and people were able to try them free of charge on the day.
  • Alternative music and journalism workshops
  • Graffiti and art performances: citizens could have an active role in the graffiti workshops and were invited to ask questions and express themselves.
  • Sport activities: mountain climbing with local associations, sports children olympics. These were situated on the urban parking lots, near the public library. The citizens were enjoying the public space by taking books from the library and reading them outside on the parking lot, transformed for this period with flowers and trees.
Photos of the event
Slide presentation
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