All year long, Energy Cities provides you with the possibility to attend its thematic webinars. A unique opportunity to get informed, to learn and exchange with acknowledged experts and other members of the network, without leaving the comfort of your office!

To find the dates of the next webinars, please consult our online agenda.

Numerous webinars are also organised within the Covenant of Mayors initiative. you can watch them here:


Energy Efficiency Watch 3: Webinarium nt. efektywności energetycznej w Polsce
8 June 2017
Recording (Polish)
Organised by Energy Cities part of the Energy Efficiency Watch 3 project

STADTRADELN / VILLE EN SELLE: um die Wette radeln für ein gutes Klima und mehr Radverkehr - 18 May 2017
Organised by Energy Cities in the framework of TANDEM project

Energy Efficiency policy recommendations – focus on financing - 5 May 2017
Organised by Energy Cities & FEDARENE as part of the EEW3 project

Financing the energy renovation of residential buildings through soft loans and third-party investment schemes - 31 March 2017
Organised in the framework of the Infinite Solutions project.

“Streets for children, streets for all”, a collective project to share and design public space in La Rochelle - 23 March 2017
Organised in the framework of the CitiZEN project.

Action plans for renewable district heating and cooling: Examples from European Regions - 21 February 2017
Recording (English)
Organised in the framework of the progRESsHEATproject. Co-organised with the Smart ReFlex project.


Mobility and public space in Vitoria-Gasteiz: Transitioning from private car to people - 15 November 2016
Organised in the framework of the CitiZEN project.

progRESsHEAT webinar: Barriers to district heating systems - Empirical results from 6 European case studies - 14 October 2016
Presentations (PDF)
Organised in the framework of the progRESsHEAT project

Energy Efficiency Watch 3 webinar - Poland: Stan zaawansowania i możliwości finansowania w Polsce - 14 October 2016
Recording (polski)
Organised in the framework of the Energy Efficiency Watch - EEW 3 project project

Energy Efficiency Watch 3 webinar - Hungary: Energiahatékonyság vs rezsicsökkentés: az Energy Efficiency Watch projekt hazai tanulságai - 8 September 2016
Recording (Magyar)
Organised in the framework of the Energy Efficiency Watch - EEW 3 project project

progRESsHEAT webinar: Waste heat integration into district heating networks – Experiences from district heating providers - 9 September 2016
In this webinar, representatives from district heating companies share their experiences with the integration of industrial waste heat into their district heating networks. Important lessons learned as well as barriers and success factors for these projects are identified and discussed.
Organised in the framework of the progRESsHEAT project

progRESsHEAT webinar: The success story of the extensive Danish district heating system - 31 August 2016
This webinar focuses on the success story of the extensive Danish district heating system. Experts from the sector illustrate the history of district heating in Denmark, explain how the sector is regulated today, discuss expectations as regards future developments and share key success factors and prerequisites.
Organised in the framework of the progRESsHEAT project

Energy Efficiency Watch 3 webinar - Енергийна Eфективност: резултати и перспективи в България - 23 August 2016
This webinar seeks to relate the future of EU legislation with the National Programme for Energy Efficiency ongoing in Bulgaria. EnEffect presents its view on the future renovation strategy and the possibilities to provide sustainability for the current actions. In addition, experts share their comments on two recent European studies regarding the implementation of the EU directives.
Recording (Bulgarian)
Organised in the framework of the Energy Efficiency Watch - EEW 3 project

progRESsHEAT webinar: Assessing the potential for combined heat and power in EU member states – insights from Austria and Germany - 24 June 2016
The EU Energy Efficiency Directive requires Member States to assess potentials for Combined Heat & Power applications and district heating solutions based on regional information. Most member states have submitted assessments to the Commission. The methods used and the level of detail, however, varies substantially from a country to another.
Organised in the framework of the progRESsHEAT project, in which Energy Cities is a partner.

Mettez de l’air dans votre PCET - 10 June 2016
Le webinaire s’est articulé autour de deux témoignages :
Marie Pouponneau, du service qualité de l’air de l’ADEME a brossé un panorama des enjeux de l’introduction de l’air dans les plans climat énergie.
Camille Rieux, Air Rhône-Alpes – Geneviève Goubel, ALEC et William Meunier, service environnement air climat de Grenoble Alpes Métropole ont exposé les synergies et la collaboration entre les 3 entités.
Recording - (in French)
More information

INFINITE Solutions webinar - Internal Contracting for Municipalities - 25 May 2016
The principle of “Internal Contracting” has proven to be particularly relevant in enabling investments in energy saving projects for the public sector. A revolving efficiency fund is set up within a municipality’s budget in order to invest in energy savings projects.
The cities of Stuttgart (Germany) and Agueda (Portugal) share their experience in this webinar.
Organised in the framework of the INFINITE Solutions project, developed and led by Energy Cities

Living Streets webinar - When citizens take back the streets - 10 May 2016
Living Streets is a real-life experiment that is based on the idea that public space is an “open” space, where peoples’ needs matter. In Ghent, each year during two months, residents can temporarily transform their street into the sustainable place they have always dreamed of. They explore a new urbanism with less cars and more social interaction.
Organised in the framework of the CitiZEN project.

Facteurs humains et transition énergétique avec Nicolas Fieulaine du Groupe de Recherche en Psychologie Sociale de l’Université de Lyon
Organisé dans le cadre du Club Mobilisation - 29 mars 2016
Recording (French)


How Bristol unlocks investments thanks to ELENA-EIB - 3 November 2015
Reserved for members
Presentation & recording available in members’ private area "My Energy Cities" > Download section.

Masterplan 100% Klimaschutz (Plan 100% climat) et PCAET (Plan Climat Air Energie Territorial): quelles possibilités de partenariat entre collectivités françaises et allemandes? - 29 June 2015
TANDEM project.
Recording (French and German)

Fonctionnement de l’administration allemande : le rôle des communes - 23 June 2015
TANDEM project.
Access recording (French)

Aufbau der Verwaltung in Frankreich mit Fokus auf die Rolle der Kommunen
French administration: The role of municipalities - 20 May 2015
Organised in the framework of the TANDEM project - French-German cooperation for the local energy transition.
Access recording (German)

Accompagner les PME/TPE dans la performance énergétique
"A l’action !" - Les Ateliers Plans Climat-Energie - 16 April 2015
Access recording (French)

Savoir mieux mobiliser et accompagner nos publics en tenant compte des facteurs psycho-socio-culturels du changement avec Séverine Millet de Nature Humaine
Organisé dans le cadre du Club Mobilisation - 31 mars 2015
Recording (French)

How to develop a successful project proposal under the EU funding programme Horizon 2020 – EE20 priority? - 13 February 2015
Access recording (English)
Download PPT presentations: Martin Eibl, EASME - City of Zagreb


Club des utilisateurs Display en France - 28 November 2014
Access recording (in French)

Economie circulaire : Bruxelles Capitale et Ville de Paris - 27 August 2014
Access recording (in French)


Le prêt viager hypothécaire pour financer la rénovation thermique - 27 November 2013 - Organisé par la ville de l’Haÿ-les-Roses et Energy Cities (in French)
Access recording

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Covenant of Mayors webinar: European Technical Assistance facilities: What do they offer to public authorities?
Monday 26 June 10:30-11:30

Energy Efficiency Watch: EU country reports
Monday 26 June 11:00-12:00

progRESsHEAT webinar - Integration of solar district heating into current & future energy systems
Monday 26 June 15:00-16:30

progRESsHEAT webinar - Energetický management a využití obnovitelných zdrojů na lokální úrovni
Wednesday 28 June 13:00-14:00

Voyage d’étude franco-allemand "La rénovation énergétique à l’échelle des quartiers" / Deutsch-Französische Studienreise „Energetische Quartierssanierung“
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