The city of Lorient won the Cit'ergie Label

By Béatrice Karas on 1er octobre 2015

The City of Lorient obtains the Cit’ergie Label at the First Attempt.
This good news rewards a joint commitment to sustainable development.

Cit’ergie is the French name of the European Energy Award label.

Lorient achieved 245.1 points out of the maximum score of 405.7, i.e. 60% of its potential, and well above the 50% required to obtain the label.

The National Awarding Committee unanimously recognised the merit of Lorient’s application, which testifies to the dynamism that the city has long shown in addressing essential Cit’ergie issues : action relating to municipal buildings has made good progress and includes building use optimisation (reduced surface areas and improved uses) and the development of RES projects with a notable local dimension (municipally-controlled design and installation, self-consumption, citizens’ projects).

The city has integrated energy-related resources (energy saving certificates, green electricity sales), thus giving itself the means to support its action. Lorient is also in constant flux and ready to innovate, as demonstrated by its political and technical commitment to developing smart grids and renewable energy purchases. This approach is consistent with the city’s ambitious, yet realistic targets : 3x20 in the territory and 3x30 in municipal buildings.

The Cit’ergie auditing process highlighted the exemplary measures taken by the local authority. It also had the further merit of pinpointing improvement areas. The main measures that the Cit’ergie advisor will concentrate on during the next 4 annual visits (length of the certification) concern the following areas :

  • Systematic and ambitious integration of energy, climate and environmental issues in urban planning and economic development projects,
  • Formalisation of an energy use monitoring policy in buildings and information to “user” municipal departments,
  • Improvement of street lighting energy efficiency by implementing a Lighting Development Master Plan,
  • Implementation of a strategy to improve the urban quality and attractiveness of the city centre by questioning the place given to on-street parking,
  • Reinforcement of citizen engagement in the city’s energy and climate policy,
  • Assistance in the preparation of exemplary energy projects led by local stakeholders other than the local authority.

With the actions it has planned, Lorient could well approach 70% in 4 years’ time... and maybe go for Gold ?

© photo : Josiane Grand-Colas, Svilen Milev

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