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The EU Energy Roadmap 2050 reveals positive trends for the local level

Could a Covenant of Mayors 2050 come into sight ?

Although the European Commission’s Communication on the Energy Roadmap 2050 is not revolutionary, the document reveals positive trends.

The future European energy scheme puts energy efficiency and renewable energies at the forefront of action. And it gives reasons for hope that local resources and the need for energy decentralisation will be considered more strongly.

Acknowledging the role of local authorities in energy issues
Energy Cities which is strongly involved in the Covenant of Mayors, welcomes the Commission’s statement asserting that “the role of local organisations and cities will be much greater in the energy systems of the future”.
Through its initiative IMAGINE-the energy future of your city, Energy Cities already puts this idea into practice by inviting cities, their inhabitants, companies and associations to jointly build long-term visions of a low-energy city : a city that consumes as little as possible, that uses renewable resources to their full potential and that guarantees a high quality of life for all. An encouragement from the Commission to build such visions would be very welcome. This would allow the society as a whole - and not only traditional specialists - to take part in the debate. That is why Energy Cities appreciates the importance given to „‟Engaging the public‟‟ in the Roadmap Communication.

Towards a Covenant of Mayors 2050 ?
In this light, Energy Cities calls for a movement building upon the success of the Covenant of Mayors. European cities would commit to elaborate visions of their energy future, putting at the core of their development the concept of Low Energy Cities with a High Quality of Life for All. Such a proposal is to be seen within the scope of other EU Roadmaps 2050, such as the one for a Resource-Efficient Europe or for an Efficient Transport System, as cities are combining these issues at local level in order to support Europe-wide an effective territorial cohesion.
This proposal has emerged from the latest IMAGINE seminar held in Brussels on November 9th 2011, where 50 European stakeholders, institutions and local authorities were gathered. They have all affirmed the local level’s importance at the core of European 2050 Roadmaps and of the European Cohesion Policy.


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The local level, at the core of European 2050 Roadmaps

Low-energy cities with a high quality of life for all

Vision and Governance – Visions of cities towards a low-energy future

IMAGINE Initiative memorandum

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