Nis (Serbia)

185,000 inhabitants

Joined Energy Cities in 2003
Signed the Covenant of Mayors in 2011

CO2-reduction objective : 21% by 2020 (baseline year 2010)

Vision for the city : the Low-energy city with a high quality of life for everyone

See the Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Nis

Miloš Banđur
Nis municipality
City Councilor for Energy

What is the city’s most ambitious target in terms of sustainable energy?

Our Sustainable Energy Action Plan was adopted on 17 December 2014: it set a CO2-reduction target of 21% to be reached by 2020 (against baseline year 2010).
At the same time we are developing our Energy Transition Roadmap 2050, and very recently a team composed of representatives from the city, public utility companies and administration units adopted a long-term vision for the city: the Low-energy city with a high quality of life for everyone. This vision will be integrated into the Roadmap. We expect to have the Roadmap adopted early 2015, and to have established a number of highly ambitious targets!

3 words to describe Energy Cities?

Inspiration, enthusiasm, partnership.

What are the benefits of being part of the Energy Cities network?

Energy Cities is a great place to learn about best practices in the field of sustainable energy. Being a member of the association has allowed us to develop a wide network of partners that is very useful for us, both for learning from other members’ experience and for cooperating with them in preparing and implementing international programs and projects.
Energy Cities is doing a good work in keeping its members updated on the latest developments from the EU energy sphere, and doing so, preparing them to shift in order to stay on the European energy mainstream. Serbia has not entered the EU yet, but being a member makes us feel that the City of Niš is very much part of the ‘EU family’.
Even though we missed a few opportunities Energy Cities offered us, we feel that we are going to use many more chances of project cooperation through this network for the greatest benefit.

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Photo © - srdjan draskovic

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Events to come
Eliminating Energy Poverty Across Europe: Monitoring Progress for an Inclusive Energy Union
Tuesday 5 September 10:00-16:30

The Power of Heat: A consumer-led energy transition
From 21 to 22 September

Top Dutch Festival / Networkparty : eat-meet-enjoy-repeat
Tuesday 10 October

EWCR 2017 - The Covenant of Mayors Community: Coordinated local action as a blueprint for national policy frameworks
Tuesday 10 October 14:30-17:00

Energy Info Days 2017
From 23 to 25 October

Leadership for the future - Cities as Leaders for Global Sustainable Development
From 24 to 27 October

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