The IMAGINE Memorandum is a collaborative document which provides a structured account on the challenges linking energy and territory, reflecting Energy Cities’s vision on the topic. As an on-going document in constant revision, it is the product of many years of work and many of stakeholders’ contributions within IMAGINE initiative.

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Low energy cities with a high quality of life for all : The Imagine Memorandum Low energy cities with a high quality of life for all : The Imagine Memorandum

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A low energy city with a high quality of life for all : The imagine memorandum

  1. Introduction
  2. Energy and Territories & Foresight: the purpose of IMAGINE
    1. Energy and Territories: a new way of thinking through the energy issue in cities
    2. Foresight: target-based challenges and means for achieving them, 2020 versus 2050?
  3. A new governance for low-energy cities with a high quality of life for all: the challenge of the IMAGINE think tank
    1. Overcoming a sector-centric logic
    2. The territory as a place for integration
    3. Engaging stakeholders
    4. Quality of life
  4. Feeding the public and private decision-making centres: the objective of the IMAGINE think-tank
    1. The relationship between Energy and Territories is not taken sufficiently into account
    2. The legislative, fiscal, legal and financial frameworks as well as commercial offers from private companies are not providing sufficient encouragement to bring about these much needed changes
    3. Cities at the heart of the innovation process have started a momentum and existing frameworks are evolving
    4. IMAGINE aims to feed the public and private decision-making centres so as to accelerate change processes
  5. A networking think-tank: organisation and commitment
    1. Setting up a multidisciplinary and multiplayer think-tank
    2. Producing and disseminating reflections, strategies and analyses contributing to IMAGINE’s objectives
    3. Networking
    4. Sustainability and originality
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