Getting active with the CitiZEN project

By Kinga Kovacs on 4 November 2016

In 2016, within the CitiZEN project, six Energy Cities member cities organised participatory events dedicated to citizens. Some ideas to get inspired from!

Throughout 2016 the city of Čačak (Serbia) organised several events to stimulate cycling as a means of transport, dedicated to different target groups: large school cycling race, mass bike rides, recreational riding and participation to the European Mobility Week. The large school cycling race was targeted to pupils from elementary schools and involved 800 pupils from 7 schools. The mass bike ride is organised every last Friday of the month with the aim of promoting cycling as a means of transport and to raise awareness on the participation of cyclists in the traffic. The recreational bike rides are organised several times a year and they involve rides of 30-60 kilometres to encourage taking up of cycling as a sports. The European Mobility Week was also organised in Čačak on 16-22 September 2016 including several activities, such as: roundtable discussion and sharing best practice experience on sustainable mobility in Serbia, distribution of bike lights as a common action organised by the municipality and the local police department (bike lights are not used by the citizens, even though they are compulsory), a 6 kilometres bike race was organised throughout the streets of the city. A recreational cycling race was organised on the last Sunday of a distance of 38 kilometres between Čačak and a neighbouring city.
(c) Photos: City of Čačak

In Modena (Italy), “Sunday without cars” was organized in September 2016 and during the day the traffic was reduced in the whole city and it was stopped totally in a wide area around the city centre. Several activities were offered to the citizens to raise awareness on sustainable mobility and support them in adopting ecological and healthy mobility behaviours: markets, city visits, children educational labs, workshops in collaboration with the urban multi-centre for health and environment, bike trips with different groups from different areas of the city, a bicycle public auction. This is the first event of a series of several “Sunday without cars” being organized throughout the year.
(c) Photo: City of Modena

In Bistrita (Romania), during the CitiZEN event in September 2016 the traffic was stopped in the city centre completely. Citizens experienced the effort to produce the necessary energy to charge their phones by using two bicycles that generate electricity. Several other activities were offered: awareness raising on traffic safety and importance of biking at the green school, citiZEN bike tour. The mayor awarded families having more than two members biking, as well as the most elderly biker.
(c) Photo: City of Bistrita

In Zadar (Croatia), during the mobility week, several public health preventive actions were carried out, demonstration training of running and Nordic walking for citizens with the participation of more than 50 persons of various ages in the training. A round table involving citizens and stakeholders was held, focusing on ‘’Traffic in Zadar in the summer’’ as the increase of traffic during the tourist season is one of the biggest challenges of the city. A specific workshop focusing on "Safe and responsible participation in traffic" was held and targeted mainly children and their parents. A ‘’Cycling School 18+’’ workshop was held by the Association Traffic Safety in cooperation with the Zadar County Red Cross and Nextbike – Bike Sharing System. Its aim was to educate adult cyclists on safe and responsible participation in traffic and reducing the extent and consequences of cyclists accidents.
(c) Photo: City of Zadar

In Växjö (Sweden), the citizen event was held on the 24th September 2016. It included a big bike tour targeted mainly to families around the two main lakes of Växjö. The municipality also organised a bicycle auction. During the day, kindergarten and small pupils benefited from several intelligent and sustainable mobility games.
(c) Photo: City of Växjö

Milton Keynes (United-Kingdom) organised its cycle powered cinema event in May 2016 gathering a lot of interest from the target group. A tea cattle boiling competition by using cycle power was also organised. The newly elected mayor was taking place in the event and specific cartoons and movies were showed according to different target groups in order to raise awareness on the importance of cycling.
(c) Photo: City of Milton Keynes

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