Energy Efficiency Watch 2 (partner)

The specific objective of the "Energy Efficiency Watch 2" project aimed to support the transparency and the implementation of both the Energy Services Directive and the Energy Efficiency Directive at European and national level. The main target groups were Parliamentarians at European, national and regional level as well as civil servants working on the implementation of the Energy Services Directive. EEW2 aimed also to create an even stronger network with the regions and cities that are of utmost importance for the implementation of energy efficiency policies laid out in the NEEAPs– National Energy Efficiency Action Plans. The networks ECEEE, Energy Cities and FEDARENE have been active partners of the project consortium and a special link to the Covenant of Mayors was established by Energy Cities.

EEW2 conducts a survey on the implementation status of the first round of National Energy efficiency Actions Plans (NEEAPs) in the EU Member States. As Member States were required to deliver the second NEEAPs in June 2011, the project also screened these 27 NEEAPs. The quality of established governance frameworks and the consistency of sectoral policy packages have been assessed. Additional to the screening, interviews with national experts and practitioners were conducted in order to assess the level of ambition and the state of implementation of national energy efficiency policies.

The final outcomes of the EEW2 project are presented in three report (all available for download from the project website):
1. 27 country reports profiling energy efficiency policies in the EU Member States
2. A survey report – the experts perspective
3. “Good practice ways out of energy debt” the EEW2 final brochure

What Energy Cities is doing in Energy Efficiency Watch 2?

Energy Cities was leading the work-package “Activation and consultation of networks”. In order to keep the dialogue with a few more engaged local political key players running and to set up a consolidated opinion of the network we have:

  • Integrated EEW2 sessions into three Energy Cities annual Rendezvous ((Zagreb, Guimaraes and Växjö),
  • Hosted four lunch discussions between ENC Board members and stakeholders from local, national and European level, Covenant of Mayors signatories.
  • Linked the EEW project to the Covenant of Mayors by bringing together City Mayors with the Member States governments and parliaments. EUFORES and Energy Cities Contributed to a high-level event in the EP discussing relations between the Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) on the city level and the NEEAPs on the national level (March 2013),
  • Organised a two days meeting between German and French local authorities and representatives stakeholders form the national level in March 2013 in Stuttgart under the title “transition énergétique versus Energiewende”.
    Energy Cities took profit of the numerous events to conduct interviews with national experts and practitioners too thus contributing to the screening process.
Programme Intelligent Energy-Europe
Leader European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources
Partners O.O.Energisparverband (ESV), European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources (EUFORES), European federation of agencies and regions for energy and environment (FEDARENE), Energy Cities (ENC), Ecofys Energie- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt und Energie GmbH, European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE)
Contact Peter Schilken - Project Manager
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Union of Communities of Armenia (AM) Armenia | Agencia de Energia & Ambiente da Arrabida - Energy agency Portugal | Mariupol Ukraine | Cities Northern Netherlands (NL) Belgium | Lisboa e-nova - Energy agency Portugal
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EEW3 Webinar: Energy Efficiency Recommendations - Focus on Financing
Thursday 4 May 10:00-11:30

EEW3 at Zagreb Energy Week: EEW3 at Zagreb Energy Week: Smart energy solutions for sustainable development
Wednesday 10 May 09:00-12:00

DecarbHeat 2017: Acting together to decarbonise Europe
From 11 to 12 May

38th Euroheat & Power Congress
From 14 to 17 May

Global Learning Forum
From 17 to 19 May

EUSEW 2017
From 19 to 25 June

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