Come and meet Energy Cities during EUSEW: 15-19 June!

By Blandine Pidoux on 28 mai 2015

Wednesday 17 June 09:00-10:30

Energy Label 2015 : A new look for market transformation and consumer empowerment
EUSEW workshop organized with EEB and Coolproducts
The workshop will explore recent scenarios for an ambitious reform focusing on how the label can be made to work harder for the main stakeholders - consumers, manufacturers, retailers, market surveillance bodies, awareness raising organisations and institutions. These are the main target audience of the workshop, as well as decision makers, local authorities that can promote the instrument through public procurement and fiscal and financial incentives.
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Wednesday 17 June 09:00-17:30

European cities driving the energy transition - Covenant of Mayors & Smart Cities workshop
EUSEW workshop organized by the Covenant of Mayors Office
This session will demonstrate the progress at city level towards achieving the EU energy and climate objectives. Building on concrete experiences it will also highlight local initiatives’ potential in implementing the Energy Union when breaking silo thinking.
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Wednesday 17 June 16:00-17:30

Quizzing the stakeholders - Renovating buildings to meet Energy Union goals, maximising the multiple benefits for EU citizens
Organised by EuroACE and Velux in the framework of the EUSEW High-level POlicy Conference.
Test your knowledge on energy efficiency in buildings with our Quiz...and find out the real answers from our speakers !
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Thursday 18 June 09:00-10:30

Innovative partnerships between local authorities and citizens for energy efficiency investments
EUSEW workshop organized by REScoop asbl
How can citizens and local authorities join forces to foster energy efficiency investments at the local level ? How can the EU efficiently enhance the role of citizens and cities in the energy transition ? What can be done at the EU level to put forward a decentralized and collaborative framework for a sustainable future ?
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Thursday 18 June 14:00-15:30

Devolution, European energy transition’s best friend ?
Organised by Energy Cities, CEDEC and Client Earth in the framework of the EUSEW High-level Policy Conference.
Europe’s transitioning energy sector has been giving new impetus to an “old” trend : devolution. While in many regions of Europe a local or regional energy generation and supply has been common for many years, new local initiatives have emerged in Europe in recent years, facilitated by the EU’s energy and climate agenda.
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Thursday 18 June 16:00-17:30

Reclaiming energy choices : Going local to fight global challenges
EUSEW workshop co-organized with COGEN Europe
The objective of the workshop is to share and discuss with the audience the current energy challenges facing cities (large and small) and to show how local responses to these challenges can be transformed into a positive movement in which aware and active citizens (via their local authorities) contribute to achieving societal goals.
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Thursday 18 June 18:00-20:30

After work cocktail : Let’s celebrate Energy Cities’ 25th Anniversary !
Upon invitation
Contact : Frédéric Boyer, Energy Cities

Friday 19 June 08:30-13:00

The Energy Union project : cities and regions ahead of the game ?
Conference organized by the Committee of the Regions and the Covenant of Mayors office
The conference will focus on local and regional requirements of the Energy Union, and will deal with financing solutions for local needs-driven sustainable energy investments.
A panel composed of cities’ and regions’ representatives will also showcase some of their success stories.
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Evénements à venir
EU Sustainable Energy Week
Du 17 au 21 juin

Covenant of Mayors training on project financing
Lundi 17 juin

Capacity-building workshop - Providing energy retrofit packages to private homeowners – business models and project implementation
Mercredi 19 juin

10 years of ELENA - Supporting investments in energy efficiency and sustainable transport
Jeudi 20 juin 15:30-18:30

Designing smart and efficient energy policies with citizens
Vendredi 21 juin 13:30-16:30

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