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Act2 (Action of cities to mainstream energy efficient building and renewable energy systems across Europe) is part of the broader CONCERTO initiative with the aim of accelerating innovation in renewable energy (RE) solutions, advance energy efficiency (EE) and systems for poly-generation linked together with concepts for eco-buildings.

act2 reflects the motivation of Hannover (DE) and Nantes (FR), the two demonstration communities, and the three associated cities – Koszalin (PL), Malmö (SE) and Newcastle upon Tyne (GB) - to implement an energy policy that matches the scale and urgency of current climate-related issues, building on past experiences - especially the development of the Kronsberg district in Hannover (‘act two’) - and inviting the stakeholders in their areas to espouse the same proactive policies (‘act too’).

In Hannover, numerous refurbishments significantly cut energy costs for inhabitants, while in Nantes Métropole, new, efficient buildings have sprung up from brownfield sites in the Ile de Nantes as an alternative to urban sprawl.

Hannover and Nantes have begun to explore a variety of avenues including accelerating the pace of renovation works, getting their grids smarter and continuing to develop renewable energies.

act2 in key facts & figures:

  • Total budget of 14.2 M€
  • Including a 5.7 M€ European Commission co-funding
  • Project duration 2006-2012
  • Demonstration Projects: 80 Buildings (180,000 m²)
    • Hannover: 55 buildings (50,000 m²), refurbishments
    • Nantes: 25 buildings (80,000 m²), newly built
  • with the following renewable energy sources:
    • 1.900 m² solar thermal
    • 360 kWp solar photovoltaic panels
    • wood energy used within the district heating
    • wood boilers in public buildings (more than 1.000 kW)
  • Monitored results:
    • Final energy saved 70%
    • Primary energy saved 92%
    • 3, 600 t CO2 /a saved in Hannover
    • 790 t CO2 /a saved in Nantes

What is Energy Cities doing in act 2?

Energy Cities has coordinated the applied research activities within the project. The scope was to determine, through continual monitoring of the planning, implementation and operation phases in the act2 districts, which factors -as compared to current conventional procedures- are decisive when carrying out ambitious energy-efficient construction and renovation projects on a large scale. As a final outcome a toolbox was set up focusing on the transposition possibilities of the developed tools, documentation of problems and subsequent process optimisation. In Hannover, emphasis has been given on the instruments related to the process of “Energy Efficient Retrofitting”, see

Energy Cities has also supported the City of Hannover in editing eight fact sheets presenting all their demonstration projects including results and recommendations (available for download in English and German).

Programme DG ENER - Concerto Initiative
Leader City of Hannover (DE) with partners : Gundlach GmbH & Co KG, Spar- und Bauverein eG
Partners proKlima GbR, Stadtwerke Hannover AG, target GmbH, Energy Cities, City of Nantes with partners : Nantes Métropole Urban Community, SAMOA, Ademe Pays de la Loire
act2 associated communities City of Malmö (SE), City of Newcastle upon Tyne (GB), City of Koszalin (PL)
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