2.Knowing our territories' resources and flows

What strategy should we adopt for improving the management of incoming and outgoing resource flows generated by human activities in territories: energy, water, waste, greenhouse gases? Why should, and how can, we improve our knowledge of them? How can we optimise them and what should our priorities be? Where and with whom should we take action in order to be the most efficient?

Proposals for a global optimisation of territorial resources:

2.1. Know the territory’s metabolism so as to optimise local potential and reduce the impact of human activities on the ecosystem

  • Geneva Canton (CH),
  • London Borough of Sutton (GB),
  • The baseline emission inventory of Sustainable Energy Action Plans.

2.2. Identify local energy potential in order to live within our means

  • Litomerice (CZ),
  • Heerlen (NL).

2.3. Prepare a local heat plan to match need and available resource

  • Helsinki (FI),
  • Delft (NL),
  • Danish cities.

2.4. Create and implement a territorial bio-waste action plan

  • Greater Barcelona (ES),
  • Lemvig (DK).

2.5. Make the best use of energy and material flows by encouraging synergies between players

  • “Club d’Écologie Industrielle de l’Aube” (Aube’s Industrial Ecology Club, FR),
  • Geneva Canton (CH).

2.6. Make better use and share what already exists instead of always buying more

  • The Swiss cities,
  • Bremen (DE),
  • Paris (FR),
  • Freiburg-im-Breisgau (DE).

2.7. Encourage the development of a more endogenous economy to increase territories’ resilience

  • Rome (IT),
  • Munich (DE),
  • Vienna (AT),
  • Besançon (FR).

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1. Empowering local actors
3. Rethinking finance in general
4. Inventing a new local governance
5. Urban planning as a way of reducing energy use

Download the whole Booklet:

30 Energy Cities’ proposals for the energy transition of cities and towns 30 Energy Cities’ proposals for the energy transition of cities and towns

In 2012, Energy Cities initiated a process aimed at making and debating proposals for accelerating the energy transition
of European cities and towns. These proposals are based on
innovative approaches, new ideas and groundbreaking practices. They provide practical answers and link today’s action to the long-term vision of a low energy city with a high quality of life for all.

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30 Energy Cities’ proposals for the energy transition of cities and towns

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