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Wednesday 19 September 2018

Copenhagenize your streets, Paris-ize your buildings, Ghent-ize citizen participation!
By Floriane Cappelletti | 44 visits
About cities and towns' amazing willingness to change for the better.


Tuesday 11 September 2018

Our 5 key demands on the next EU electricity market legislation
By Sara Giovannini | 310 visits
Today, the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council started the second round of negotiations around the electricity market design for the European Union. Together with Rescoop, we published a position paper expressing our key demands on the next EU energy market legislation.


Monday 10 September 2018

Summer homework : What do cities need ?
By Claire Roumet | 218 visits
by Claire Roumet, Executive director of Energy Cities


Thursday 6 September 2018

How Polish cities are bucking the government’s coal trend: 5 ways to push for more renewable energy
By Sara Giovannini | 354 visits
Poland is not known for being the strongest supporter of solar, wind and biomass. Instead, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party is defending the country’s last coal-fired power plant, called Ostrołęka C project, to ensure Poland’s energy security. The government should encourage renewable strategies at the local level, cities say. We looked at energy strategies in Polish municipalities and found a lot of initiative, ingenuity and a big desire for change.


Tuesday 4 September 2018

Serious play: a game-changer for local climate action?
By David Donnerer | 390 visits
Games are meant to entertain us. But can we have fun while improving our abilities to learn, make decisions and collaborate to bring forward the energy transition? It seems possible thanks to serious games about climate and energy, which can educate citizens about pressing challenges and increase the ability of public officials to take action at the local level.


Friday 31 August 2018

Apply for the next edition of the European Covenant of Mayors twinning programme!
By David Donnerer | 371 visits
The call for a new edition of the twinning programme of the European Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is open until September 14th!


Monday 20 August 2018

What if your weekend getaway could damage your health?
By Sara Giovannini | 563 visits
The organisation Transport and Environment just released an infographic comparing the air pollution conditions in Europe’s 10 most popular cities with the impacts of cigarettes smoke.


Friday 17 August 2018

The Energy Cities network welcomes 30 Greek cities!
By Floriane Cappelletti | 623 visits
30 Greek cities and towns recently joined Energy Cities through the adhesion of the Greek network "Sustainable City".


mardi 7 août 2018

Artificial Intelligence - the next frontier for local energy transition
By David Donnerer | 661 visits
From drones, self-driving cars and robot vacuum cleaners sweeping our homes to chatbots answering our service requests, artificial intelligence (AI) is already appearing more and more in our daily city lives. But the advent of AI won’t end there : as energy systems are becoming decentralised, decarbonised and digitalised, artificial intelligence is set to emerge as the next frontier for local energy transition. What will this mean for cities ?


jeudi 2 août 2018

Fostering District Heating and Cooling in European Cities – Policy recommendations from the HEATNET project
By Sara Giovannini | 760 visits
You have probably heard about the advantages of District Heating and Cooling systems : they increase energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the development of a greener economy. But what can be done to foster the supply of renewable and low carbon heat to our buildings ? Our experts just released a set of recommendations for policy makers to promote District Heating and Cooling in North-West Europe !


lundi 30 juillet 2018

EU energy policy : what’s in store for you in the fall ?
By David Donnerer | 712 visits
Ever heard of JOMO ? It stands for “joy of missing out.” For this summer’s newsletter, we thought you’d have a much easier time chilling out during your vacation if you know now what to expect upon your return.


Thursday 26 July 2018

From energy funds to match-funding: innovative ways of financing the energy transition at the local level
By Sara Giovannini | 638 visits
With the next budget of the European Union on the way, Energy Cities’ policy intelligence is directing much of its focus on how this budget will allocate more funding for the energy transition. But let’s not forget that EU funds, however important, are not the only instrument cities have to finance their green development. Recently, I came across some interesting cases of cities taking the matter into their own hands. Call it foresight. Call it being forced by necessity. It doesn’t matter: alternative funding is their plan B to make their projects a reality!


Wednesday 25 July 2018

The Covenant of Mayors - Europe is launching the Cities in the Spotlight awards
By Floriane Cappelletti | 643 visits
In the 10th year of the initiative, the Covenant of Mayors wishes to reward signatories that have been working within the Covenant framework and achieving remarkable progress in their local energy and climate action. The 1st Covenant Cities in the Spotlight call is now open!


Tuesday 24 July 2018

How deep is your love…for cars? Hamburg’s methods to reduce emissions
By Tatjana Veith | 617 visits
Germans are a truly cool people, but when it comes to their cars, some of them can’t take a joke. Germans love their BMWs, VWs and Porsches and are very proud of their country’s ability to make such good ones. It looks like car lovers will have to prepare for tougher times, however. Following this year’s decision by the German Federal Administrative Court to ban old diesel cars from city centres, cities are starting to take action.


Thursday 19 July 2018

Spain: new policy, new energy for cities
By Miriam Eisermann | 761 visits
Spain recently made quite remarkable strides in the energy domain. The country’s newly created Ministry for Ecological Transition is headed up by Teresa Ribera, an expert in sustainable development. Ms. Ribera is unequivocally in favour of the EU’s ambitious goals for renewables and energy efficiency, and has issued a plan calling for the repeal of Spain’s infamous sun tax. It is also expected that a long-awaited climate change law and the country’s integrated energy and climate plan will be enacted by the end of the year.


Monday 16 July 2018

Investing in solar energy: follow the unusual example of a Belgian cooperative
By Béatrice Karas | 742 visits
It is a first in Belgium! At a time when citizens’ initiatives are mushrooming across Europe , in Mouscron the community energy cooperative COOPEM was launched …. by the municipality!


Thursday 12 July 2018

Joint contribution: Models of local energy ownership and the role of local energy communities in energy transition in Europe
By Sara Giovannini | 653 visits
At the request of the upcoming Austrian presidency of the European Council, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) is drafting an opinion on models of local energy ownership and the role of local energy communities in energy transition in Europe. Energy Cities prepared a joint contribution together with ResCoop.EU, the European federation for renewable energy cooperatives.


Wednesday 11 July 2018

Community voices in Luzy: village of the future, mates of the future
By Béatrice Karas | 504 visits
I am part of the facilitation team supporting POTEs (Ordinary Energy Transition Pioneers) at Energy Cities. POTEs are every-day-life innovators and visionaries working in areas related to the energy transition that Energy Cities, the Bourgogne Franche-Comté Region and ADEME, the French national energy conservation and environment agency, are forming into a network. As part of this initiative, we organise visits to various POTEs so they can meet, share ideas and build projects. On Wednesday 12th July, we were at Luzy to discover the Village in Transition movement.


Wednesday 4 July 2018

Road to a replication strategy in our follower cities: Intensive Lab Session in Santiago de Compostela
By Francisco Gonçalves | 532 visits
On the 5th and 6th June, the city of Santiago de Compostela organised the first Intensive Lab Session, within the project Smarter Together.


Monday 2 July 2018

Policy brief: Claude Turmes pulling off another magic trick
By Claire Roumet | 490 visits
In the middle of the night of 19th to 20th June, a final agreement between the Council, the Parliament and the European Commission was reached on the “Governance of the Energy Union” Directive, in the wake of the Renewable Energy (14th June) and Energy Efficiency (19th June) Directives . We are now on the home stretch: just the “electricity market design” piece is missing to put the final touch to the new EU Energy and Climate legal landscape.

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