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2050 is now… …even if it is still more than three decades away. In recent years, more and more European cities have created 2050 local climate and energy roadmaps, in close collaboration with all stakeholders on their territories. Our recent publication, highlighting examples from Grenoble (...)

What's EUp in fall 2018?
When the wind of change blows… “…some people build walls, others build windmills”, says an ancient Chinese proverb. It indicates how change can frighten some (...)


What's EUp in June 2018?
Reshuffling the power dynamics in EU energy politics A year ahead of the European elections, a recent series of political upheavals has radically changed (...)

Energy Cities
blog 17 April 2019
Innovating financing : 5 handbooks to help cities improve energy performance

blog 15 April 2019
Policy brief: "Duty of care"

blog 12 April 2019
Remunicipalisation: yes you can!

blog 5 April 2019
Do you want to divest from fossil fuels ? This publication will help you!

blog 4 April 2019
Frankfurt: A web platform to support citizens in condominium energy renovation throughout Germany

blog 1er avril 2019
Come and join your peers in Heidelberg at our Annual Conference 2019!

blog 1 April 2019
Greta Thunberg appointed environmental spokesperson for the Trump administration

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