IMAGINE Seminar - November 2008Energy Cities is the European Association of local authorities in energy transition

From 2017 to 2020, Energy Cities is under the Presidency of the City of Heidelberg (DE) with a Board of Directors of 11 European cities.

The association created in 1990 represents now more than 1,000 towns and cities in 30 countries.

Energy Cities’ premises are located in Brussels (BE) and Besançon (FR).

Main objectives

  • To strengthen your role and skills in the field of sustainable energy.
  • To represent your interests and influence the policies and proposals made by European Union institutions in the fields of energy, environmental protection and urban policy.
  • To develop and promote your initiatives through exchange of experiences, the transfer of know-how and the implementation of joint projects.

3Ds for a new society

Energy Cities’ political vision of the energy future comes in a 3D shape: democratic, devolved and divested. To implement the necessary policy solutions, it takes deliberate action from policy-makers at all levels of government as well as determination and creativity from civil society.
That is what Energy Cities is working for!
Here are the three components that are at the core of our transition agenda

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Proposals for the Energy Transition of Cities and Towns

In 2012, Energy Cities initiated a process aimed at making and debating proposals for accelerating the energy transition of European cities and towns. These proposals are based on innovative approaches, new ideas and groundbreaking practices. They provide practical answers and link today’s action to the long-term vision of a low energy city with a high quality of life for all.
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Energy Cities is an official member of the
Coalition for energy savings.

Energy Cities is an official member of the
Heat Coalition, a platform gathering 11 European associations with a stake in the heating and cooling sector.

Energy Cities is an official partner of the
Renovate Europe Campaign.

Energy Cities is an associate member of
NetwercH2O, Network for Water in European Regions and Cities.

The Iceberg Project

IEEP and Energy Cities are creating a partnership to explore how to bridge the gap between science and citizens on climate change through culture.

The objectives of the Iceberg project are to raise awareness about local solutions to climate change, give greater exposure to cities committed to fighting climate change and raise funds for climate change research.
This gigantic sculture, made of recycled materials, will travel from city to city, allowing us to reach citizens and :

  • Share the latest scientific, locally relevant information about climate change
  • Showcase local solutions
  • Support locally-relevant climate research through ethical and green merchandising
  • Promote action by citizens

The Iceberg is the creation of Rosette de Stefano, a sculptor, whose work is based on Arte Povera. De Stefano proposes "an ethic of sobriety, based on the conscious love of our finitude".

Project presentation

We are currently looking for partnerships to make this exciting project happen. Please contact us at:

Map of members
Sustainable City Network (GR) Greece | CEDEF-Central European Development Forum (RS) Serbia | Albertville France | Union of Communities of Armenia (AM) Armenia | Agencia de Energia & Ambiente da Arrabida - Energy agency Portugal
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Events to come
PUBLENEF webinar: Public-private partnerships for energy efficiency policy
Thursday 18 October 10:00-11:30

Covenant of Mayors workshop - Control, cap, cut: How to handle emission reduction in cities
Thursday 18 October 13:30-18:00

Vitality of Smaller Cities in Europe
Thursday 25 October

Workshop on Heat Planning & Mapping in Europe
Monday 12 November 13:00-16:00

Renewable Networking Platform workshop
Thursday 15 November 12:30-17:00

Venice City Solutions 2018 - Financing the SDGs at local level
From 16 to 17 November

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