IMAGINE initiative

IMAGINE is a foresight platform of collaboration and exchange leading to action and change.

If we are to live in low energy, high life quality cities in the near future, a new approach based on long-term vision and a fluid exchange and involvement of all stakeholders is needed. This will ensure that energy is no longer considered as a sectoral problem, but as a full component of local and regional development, leading to sustainable growth, competitiveness, quality of life, health and safety.

Responding to this need, “IMAGINE the energy future of our cities” was set up in 2006 by Energy Cities as an exchange platform to discuss the energy future of European cities. With the relationship between ‘’Territory’’ and ‘’Energy’ at its core, the aim of this initiative is to provide a unique entry for the diversity of actors that are directly or indirectly connected to energy consumption and supply at the local and urban level.

Stakeholders are invited to open up and to be inspired by each others’ initiatives, to discuss common challenges and differing points of view and find synergies between them. IMAGINE’s specific environment gives local governments, entrepreneurs, energy agencies and citizen groups the opportunity to think out of the box and beyond usual constraints, reaching new understanding, commitment, and finding new solutions to current challenges.

An in depth reflection on the mission and objectives of IMAGINE can be found in the IMAGINE Memorandum

Download the IMAGINE leaflet!


Throughout the years, IMAGINE’s objectives have found many forms to materialise: from events such as yearly seminars and workshops where the different actors can meet in person, to conceptual development of key documents such as the IMAGINE Memorandum and other relevant publications. All of this has contributed to creating a network of key actors from very different backgrounds who are all working towards a new low-energy high-life quality model for our cities. The success of these experiences has been a calling for IMAGINE to expand its range of action.

In 2011, IMAGINE launched this Resource Centre, to provide a virtual space for an ongoing dialogue between stakeholders. A place for mutual exchange, where chosen documentation on energy and territorial cohesion can be found. On the other hand, local Imagine events help local governments and the stakeholders involved to go from theory to action, by encouraging and guiding them through the process of creating a vision for their city which includes the active participation of all relevant local stakeholders.

Who participates?

More than 150 people from various background and horizons have actively brought inputs and ideas to the IMAGINE initiative. Representing all kind of organisations, but also themselves, they all added value to the results and outputs of the different activities.

The following persons (in alphabetical order) participated to the IMAGINE reflexion through the seminars organised since 2006:

Ada Amon (Energia Klub); Adam McCarthy (Johnson Controls International); Agnes Kelemen (European Commission - DG Regio); Anastase Zacharas (European Commission - DG AIDCO); André Régani; Anne-Lyse Thomine (City of Nantes); Antoinette Gillet (Conseil Régional de Franche-Comté); Asa Karlsson Björkmarker (City of Växjö); Axel Gosseries (FNRS - Belgian National Fund for Sicentific Research); Benoit Martimort-Asso (IDDRI); Bernard Kudlak (Cirque Plume); Bernard Laponche (Independant); Bernard Saint-André (Veolia); Bernhard Ensink (European Cyclist Federation); Bertrand Deprez (Schneider Electric); Blaise Desbordes (Caisse des dépôts); Bo Frank (City of Växjö); Brendan Catherine (City of Rennes); Brigitte Dufour-Fallot (Bio-Eco); Brigitte Ollier (UITP); Britta Freitag (Klima Bündnis); Brooke Riley (Friends of the Earth); Camille Bierens de Haan (Eco-attitude); Carl-Olof Bengtsson (City of Växjö); Carlos Souza (City of Almada/Local energy Agency); Caroline Gervais (The Natural Step (TNS) France); Cedric De Meeûs (Veolia Environment); Christian Vassie (City of York); Claire Roumet (Cecodhas); Claude Spohr (SG/DRAST ); Claudia Carta (Philips Lighting); Coralie Echinard (Grand Lyon); David Waldron (Blekinge Institute of Technology); Deborah Maarek (Awareness Consulting); Denis Baupin (City of Paris); Denis Rebaud; Denis Sommer (Conseil Régional de Franche-Comté); Dominique Bourg (Université de Lausanne ); Eleanor Dodd (The Woodcraft Folk); Eleanor Smith (EREC); Emile Spierer (ScaNe); Emilie Schoccimarro (Bourgogne Franche-Comté Europe); Emmanuelle Polette-Burkhardt (City of Munich); Eric Vidalenc (ADEME); Estela Pereira (Foundation for Environmental Education, Eco-Schools International); Etienne Butzbach (City of Belfort); Etienne Favey (City of Genève); Evelyne Huytebroeck (Bruxelles Capitale); Fabrice Decellas (EDF); Fernand Pereira (Philips); Fiona Riddoch (Cogen Europe); Florent Guerin (Parlement européen); Frans Van der Werf (Architecte); Frédéric Melchior (European Building Automation and Controls Association (eu.bac)); Frederic Tsitisonis (City of Montpellier); Gaétan Chérix (CREM); Gaetan Fouilhoux (Eurima); Georg Von Nessler (ip(b) - IP Building); Georges Ohana (City of Lausanne); Gilles Berhault (ACIDD); Gilles Pennequin (DATAR); Giovanni Franco orlando (City of Modena); Giuseppe D’ercole (European Trade Union Confederation); Grégoire Clerfayt (Ministry of Energy-Environment Brussels Capital); Guillaume Serre (Dexia); Guillermo Beltrà (BEUC); Guy Loinger (OIPR); Håkan Samuelsson (Klimatkommunerna); Hans Van der Logt (City of Heerlen); Heikki Rinne (City of Helsinki); Helen Donoghue (European Commission - DG ENER); Henrik Meyer-Hoffmann; Herbert Girardet (World Future Council); Hubert David (Eurima); Ilaria De Altin (Iclei); Inge Van de Klundert (City of Utrecht); Inka Thunecke (Heinrich-Boell-Foundation Brandenburg ); Irène Anglaret (Grand Lyon); Jacques Mirenowicz (La Revue Durable); Jan te Bos (EURIMA); Janice Thomson (INVOLVE); Jean Casteil (City of Montpellier); Jean Michel; Jean-Claude Banon (Veolia); Jean-jacques Girardot (Université de Besançon); Jean-Luc Daubaire (City of Rennes); Jean-Luc Kolb (City of Lausanne); Jean-Marc Revaz (CREM); Jeremy Draper (City of Milton Keynes); Johan Van Reenen (City of Delft); Juan Castillo (City of San Sebastian); Judith Kirton-Darling (European Trade Union Confederation); Julia Backhaus (ECN); Julien Woessner (Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer pour le Progrès de l’Homme); Jun Li (IDDRI); Karima Delli (Member of the European Parliament); Kate Hudson (London Borough of Sutton); Katrin Braun (EREC); Kristine Kern (Wageningen University); Lara Noivo Fernandes (Philips); Laurent Vanherreweghe (Grand Besançon); Lily Parshall (Columbia University); Lisa Lundmark (STEM); Manfred Görg (City of Hannover); Mara Lesina (Philips); Marc Delaye (Dalkia); Marianne Thomann (UNIL / Faculté des géosciences et de l’environnement); Marie Hellouin (Journalist); Marie-Guite Dufay (Présidente, Conseil Regional Franche Comté); Marie-Hélène de Sède-Marceau (Université de Franche-Comté-THEMA); Marion Athiel (City of Echirolles); Martine Pequignot (Conseil Regional Franche Comté); Massimo Sardi; Mathieu Saujot (IDDRI); Matthias Sinn (City of München); Maxime Bureau (General Electrics); Maximilian Venzke (Philips); Michel Gioria (ADEME); Michel Loyat (City of Besançon); Michel Mousel (4D); Myriam Normand (City of Besançon); Nathalie Etahiri (MEDDM); Pascal Giraut (EIFER); Paul Fleming (DeMonfort University); Paul Voss (Danfoss); Paul-Marie Boulanger (Institut pour un développement durable); Paul-Marie Guinchard (ADEME Franche-Comté); Pedro Ballesteros (European Commission - DG TREN); Pere Giro Fabrega (City of Figueres); Peter Nagy (City of Nyiregyhaza); Philip James (London Borough of Sutton); Philippe Tostain (City of Lille); Pierre Calame (Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer pour le Progrès de l’Homme); Pierre Chappuis (City of Genève); Pierre Crepeaux (Grand Lyon); Pierre Laconte (ISOCARP); Pim Koegler; Ralf Bermich (City of Heidelberg); Rémy Beck (ScanE - service Cantonal de l’Energie); René Schellekens (SenterNovem); Richard Bull (De Montfort University); Richard Elelman (City of Figueres); Roland Gustbée (City of Växjö); Roland Stulz (2000 Watts - Novatlantis); Rupert George; Sabine Froening (EuroHeat & Power); Saskia Bolten (City of Delft); Sébastien Maujean (MEDDM); Stefan Schurig (World Future Council); Stéphane Durand (City of Echirolles); Susann Scherbarth (Friends of the Earth Europe); Sylvia Pintarits (City of München); Sylviane Friedlingstein (Cabinet de la Ministre Huytebroeck - Bruxelles); Theo Elfrink (NL Agency); Torben Andersen (City of Odense); Ulrike Janssen (Climate Alliance); Vlatke Berlan Vlahek (Ivanic Grad); Xavier Turro (City of Figueres); Zdravko Genchev (EcoEnergy)

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