Evénements de mai 2019 :

«mai 2019»

Du 6 au 8 mai
Nantes, France

Euroheat & Power Congress 2019

The Euroheat & Power Congress focuses on topics related to District Energy. The congress provides a unique forum for discussing and enhancing knowledge on major issues of importance for European and Global District Energy sectors, including both technical and business approaches ; from new developments in legislation, latest operational experiences, most recent technological developments, and fresh research results.
With the participation of Julien Joubert, Energy Cities
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Not to be missed !
PLANHEAT final event @Euroheat & Power Congress, May 8th 2019, 11:00 – 15:00
The PLANHEAT tool supports cities to simulate their way to decarbonising its heating and cooling system by showing economically feasible scenarios. Plan today, save tomorrow !
For the first 20 cities : Attend the whole #19EHPcong for free & get your travel/accommodation expenses reimbursed !
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Jeudi 9 mai
Heraklion, Greece

National Conference & Policy Meeting for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings

Organised by the Municipality of Heraklion in the framework of the IMPULSE project (INTERREG MED 2014-2020)
Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings - Action plans, implementationand monitoring
With the participation of MiriamEisermann, Communication manager, Energy Cities
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Du 13 au 19 mai
Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb Energy Week

Under the title "We have the energy to change the future !”, the 10th Zagreb Energy Week presents a rich program of international conferences, expert meetings, open door days, seminars, classes and workshops that deal with key subjects of energy and environment.
With the participation of Francisco Goncalves, Energy Cities, on Wednesday 15th May
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Mardi 14 mai 09:30-11:00

IUC webinar - From a linear to a circular economy - How to start ?

Organised by the International Urban Cooperation programme.

Globally cities produce 75% of the green-house gas emissions, 50% of the waste, while consuming 60–80% of the natural resources. Cities, due to the high concentration of resources over a small geographic territory, are uniquely positioned to play a crucial role and influence the reuse, recycling, recovery and upgrade of traditional waste streams. While embarking on a journey from a linear economy model of ’taking-making-disposing’, many cities focus on improving their waste management, valorising particular waste streams and preventing resources from becoming waste in the first place. While sharing their experiences, identifying challenges and recommendation, the webinar will provide inspiration on how to make your city more circular. The benefits of such transitions will also be explored as actions to increase resource efficiency can be instrumental to achieve Paris climate agreement.

Mardi 14 mai 14:30-16:00

Webinar - Heating and cooling planning at local level : step it up !

This webinar will present three tools, developed in close collaboration with local authorities all over Europe in order to best fit their needs : HOTMAPS, PLANHEAT and THERMOS !

Below some of the questions you could answer thanks to these tools :

  • What is the heating and cooling demand in the specific area ?
  • Are the surrounding renewable and waste heat resources enough to cover the demand ?
  • What are the costs of different technological solutions ?
  • What would be the optimal district heating and cooling network to satisfy my planning criteria ?

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Du 15 au 16 mai
Brussels, Belgium

Heat Pump Forum 2019

In its 2019 edition, EHPA’s Heat Pump Forum (#HPForum2019) puts heat pump technology at the centre of the debate on the energy transition. 100% renewable heating is possible with today’s technology.
At the Forum, you will learn about the technologies recognition in policy – both on the European and Member State level.
With the participation of Claire Roumet, Executive Director of Energy Cities, and the cities of Vienna (Austria), Leuven (Belgium), Tipperary Energy agency (Ireland), ...
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Mercredi 15 mai 09:30-15:45
Brussels, Belgium

Workshop on Local Energy Communities - Exploring Research, Technologies and Regulations for their Implementation in Europe

Organised by the H2020 projects COMPILE, MERLON, MUSE GRIDS and STORY.
With the participation of European policy-makers and leading companies of the energy sector, the event will feature the presentation of four Horizon 2020 projects that are currently conducting research activities on the implementation of energy communities and the exploitation of smart energy systems.
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Mercredi 15 mai 10:00-11:30

Webinaire : " Energiesprong : Une approche pour accélérer la rénovation énergétique"

L’approche de rénovation énergétique en série « Energiesprong » a été développée aux Pays-Bas où elle est mise en œuvre depuis 2012. Elle y a déjà permis la rénovation de 5 000 bâtiments. Le cahier des charges d’Energiesprong est exigeant : des travaux rapides – quelques semaines pour un immeuble, grâce à l’utilisation d’éléments préfabriqués, une garantie longue durée de consommation énergétique nulle, un financement par les économies sur 30 ans et pour finir un logement attractif qui correspond aux attentes des résidents.

Pour alimenter le débat, nous avons le plaisir de recevoir :
-  Estelle Derosne d’Energiesprong France
-  Julius Pahl d’Energiesprong Allemagne
Ils nous présenterons l’approche Energiesprong en détails ainsi que les projets pilotes dans les deux pays .


Jeudi 16 mai 10:00-14:30
Aberdeen, UK

ACE-Retrofitting Conference : How local and national governments can facilitate energy efficiency improvements in older buildings

Organised as part of the ACE-Retrofitting project
At this conference learn what Scottish local authorities and the Scottish Government are doing to encourage and enable energy efficiency retrofits, what the current and future policies are and how these will affect all buildings within Scotland. Hear about energy retrofitting projects throughout Scotland, the obstacles encountered and how these have been overcome.
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Mardi 21 mai
Heidelberg, Germany

Catalysing European Local Climate Action

The BEACON conference on "Catalysing European Local Climate Action" provides an opportunity for local actors to network with colleagues from around Europe to exchange on practical solutions for climate change mitigation.
The conference will provide a mix of plenary sessions and interactive, parallel workshops which follow three thematic streams :

  • Political stream - Climate action for local development
  • Technical stream - Solutions for climate change mitigation
  • Inspiration and communication

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Mardi 21 mai 10:30-12:30

Covenant of Mayors webinar : reporting framework revision

Organised by the European Covenant of Mayors Office.

The webinar will present the revised version of the Covenant of Mayors reporting framework. During the webinar signatories, coordinators and active supporters will be asked to provide their comments and feedback on the proposed revision.

It will feature a general presentations of the revision process, before detailing specific issues of “Strategy” & “Action Plans”, “Baseline Emission Inventories” and “Risk & Vulnerability assessments” revision. Before concluding, a Q&A session will also allow participants to exchange with the organisers.

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Du 22 au 23 mai
Heidelberg, Germany

Energy Cities Annual Conference
Energy Cities’ next annual conference will take place in Heidelberg from 22 to 23 May 2019, as an integral part of the International Conference on Climate Action (ICCA 2019). The host city is one of Germany’s leading cities on the Energytransition and climate action, with the objective of reducing 95% GHG by 2050. Moreover it is well-known for developing Bahnstadt, one of Europe’s largest passive neighbourhoods. Heidelberg signed the Covenant of Mayors in 2008, and is a committed member of Energy Cities for over 20 years, holding the Presidency of its Board of Directors since 2005.

For further information, please visit :
Contact at Energy Cities : Nathalie Moroge nathalie.moroge[at]energy-cities.eu and Tatjana Veith tatjana.veith[at]energy-cities.eu

Mercredi 22 mai
Paris, France

Le photovoltaïque en milieu urbain

Conférence organisée par l’Office franco-allemand pour la transition énergétique (OFATE)
En France comme en Allemagne, la multiplication des cadastres solaires et des initiatives en faveur du développement de l’énergie photovoltaïque en milieu urbain témoignent du rôle de premier plan qu’entendent jouer les villes dans la transition énergétique et la lutte contre le changement climatique. Parmi elles, Paris, Berlin, Bordeaux ou encore Francfort se sont engagées dès 2015, lors du Sommet des élus locaux pour le climat en marge de la COP 21, à atteindre 100 % d’énergies renouvelables d’ici 2050.
cette conférence s’intéressera avant tout aux installations sur toiture - sans pour autant délaisser le potentiel d’installations sur ombrières ou au sol. Après avoir abordé la question de la planification et du développement des centrales photovoltaïque en milieu urbain, nous aborderons ensuite les obstacles techniques en phase d’exploitation.
La manifestation s’adresse à l’ensemble des acteurs du secteur énergétique en France et en Allemagne et notamment aux développeurs de projet, exploitants, représentants d’institutions publiques, du secteur financier et de la presse. Elle aura lieu en français et en allemand avec traduction simultanée.
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Du 22 au 24 mai
Oslo, Norway

Urban Future Global Conference #UFGC19

Organised by the Urban Future Global Conference
The Urban Future Global Conference is the world´s largest meeting dedicated exclusively to CityChangers – decision makers who actively, passionately and effectively make cities more sustainable.
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Mercredi 22 mai 13:30-14:30
Oslo, Norway

Covenant of Mayors workshop at UFGC : Covenant cities leading long-term climate strategies

Organised by the European Covenant of Mayors Office
This strategic workshop for city leaders focuses on how cities can set long-term emission reduction targets and get their citizens involved. The panel discussion among local elected representatives, and the interaction with peers in the audience, will showcase examples from Covenant of Mayors signatories who are leading the way in long-term planning, to inspire other cities to do the same.
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Samedi 25 mai
Bonn, Germany.

European Urban Resilience Forum

Organised by ICLEI - Local Govenments for Sustainability in co-operation with the European Environment Agency.

Formerly known as the Open European Day, the European Urban Resilience Forum will be organised on May 25 by back-to-back with the 10th annual ICLEI Resilient Cities Conference..

This event intends to support productive exchange between representatives from cities and regions of all sizes (both with each other and with a range of interested parties, including EU institutions, researchers and consultants). Participants are encouraged to share experiences and points of view on diverse topics, tackling existing challenges in local urban adaptation, while exploring potential solutions and opportunities for future collaboration.

The 2019 edition will build around three topical streams :

  • nature-based solutions for urban resilience,
  • multi-level governance for adaptation planning,
  • and financing resilience and adaptation.

A variety of sessions and training workshops will cover topics like exploring the co-benefits of adaptation and mitigation, social justice in adaptation actions, strategic narratives for urban heat and health or innovative schemes for municipal financing for resilience and nature based solutions.

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Lundi 27 mai 09:00-17:00
Brussels, Belgium.

Applicant Workshop to become the next European Green Capital !

Organised by the European Commission

This one-day workshop will give any interested city a comprehensive overview of what’s involved in putting together the application for the European Green Capital 2022 competition, which will open on 14 May.

You will hear insights from :

The European Commission on the benefits of applying
Expert panel members with tips and advice on what makes a quality application
European Green Capital 2020 winner Lisbon on what makes a winning bid
The European Green Capital Secretariat on the competition process and key elements to consider should you make it to the finalist jury round

The European Commission’s Director General for Environment, Daniel Calleja, will personally close the workshop before we move together to the ‘world café cocktail’ where you can get even more information and tips in a hands-on and practical way.

Links :

  • Read more
  • Register to : applicantworkshop@europeangreencapital.eu

Du 28 au 29 mai
Vienna, Austria

R20 Austrian World Summit

This third R20 summit will cover the following topics :

  • Collaboration & Partnership for Climate Leadership
  • Scaling Up Sustainable Projects
  • Showcasing Best Practice Examples
  • New Approaches for Raising Awareness and Communication
  • Trends in Climate Financing
  • „Magic Bullet“ Carbon Pricing ?
  • The Power of Cities & Regions
  • Connecting the dots : Climate Change - Human Health - Security
  • Role Models Sharing Climate Action Success Stories
    With the participation of Claire Roumet, Executive Director of Energy Cities.
    More info

Du 30 mai au 1er juin
Zagreb, Croatia

International Conference of Good Energy and Economy

Organised by the Green Energy Cooperative ZEZ, REScoop
"Transforming communities through collaboration between energy cooperatives and local authorities"
The focus of this year’s conference is new economy models and practices from 10 EU member states that show ways of how energy cooperatives and other citizens initiatives cooperate with local authorities to realize RES projects and the benefits that it brings.
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Vilvoorde Belgium | Wien Austria | Krizevci Croatia | Sustainable City Network (GR) Greece | CEDEF-Central European Development Forum (RS) Serbia
Evénements à venir
EU Sustainable Energy Week
Du 17 au 21 juin

Covenant of Mayors training on project financing
Lundi 17 juin

Capacity-building workshop - Providing energy retrofit packages to private homeowners – business models and project implementation
Mercredi 19 juin

10 years of ELENA - Supporting investments in energy efficiency and sustainable transport
Jeudi 20 juin 15:30-18:30

Designing smart and efficient energy policies with citizens
Vendredi 21 juin 13:30-16:30

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