Seminars and Workshops

IMAGINE seminars

A plateform of exchange and discussion around the energy transition of cities

The Seminars provide an outstanding opportunity for stakeholders from a wide range of backgrounds –all of them directly or indirectly involved in energy production and consumption-, to trespass sectorial boundaries and create longstanding bonds. New ideas, commitments, inspiration, a broader view and motivation to start working on a sustainable future is what participants take home from this experience.

The goal of the IMAGINE seminar is to continuously develop and refine the IMAGINE concepts that will sustain other actions of the initiative. It gathers every year about 40 people around a set of crucial issues on what could be "the energy future of our cities".

If you wish to participate in the next IMAGINE Seminar, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

The five first IMAGINE foresight seminars took place at the Royal Salt Works of Arc & Senans (FR):

The Royal Salt Works of Arc & Senans (FR) is a UNESCO World Heritage site whose history was closely linked to energy, from its beginnings until its demise. The Royal Salt Works is a symbolic site and a place of practical utopia. It is therefore a highly suitable venue for our exchanges. The place is lindly made available to us free of charge by the Conseil Général du Doubs (Doubs County Council). See all the partners involved in the IMAGINE initiative.

Thematic workshops

The IMAGINE thematic meetings are intended to initiate debate on specific issues and topics related to the low energy cities concept and share views on future oriented approaches. Aim is to disseminate and share knowledge within the IMAGINE think-tank and enable its participants to meet, get to know each other, discuss and exchange.

Since its launch in 2006, the IMAGINE Seminar has been one of IMAGINE’s key activities. Every year, a selected group of key stakeholders from all over Europe come together to discuss the current challenges to developing low energy cities. Under the banner “Low energy cities with a high quality of life for all”, mayors, civil servants representatives of European institutions, enterprises, NGOs and many other actors discuss, share and create together a vision for the future.

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