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  Monthly newsletter n°268 - January 2019  
    Policy brief: "To change everything it takes everyone"

by Claire Roumet, Executive director of Energy Cities “To change everything it takes everyone” This was the theme of a day of debate organised by my favourite cultural place in Brussels (Kaaitheater)! What an inspirational formulation in such troubled times! Beyond the deep, emblematic crisis (...)

Two publications to help you make your budget climate-friendly and support citizen participation!
Climate-mainstreaming municipal budgets This guidebook contains a collection of case studies, best practices and tools that can help local authorities (...)


Last chance to join our P2P learning cycles on innovative financing!
The 3rd and last call for applications for H2020 PROSPECT will be launched tomorrow 16th January 2019. Visit the project website and don’t miss this last (...)


Transformation led by Vision - How Münster´s Sufficiency Strategy overcame 3 universal challenges
The city of Münster has bold 2050 goals: being almost climate neutral while reducing their final energy consumption by 50% and their GHG emissions by 95% (...)


These are the 10 trends reshaping climate and energy policies
The impacts of climate change are already felt today in Europe and across the globe. But a changing climate is not the only variable that is affecting (...)


Climate science for urban policymakers: new report released at COP24
The Global Covenant of Mayors has recently released the Summary for Urban Policymakers (SUP), a city-driven report authored by IPCC scientists, city (...)

Energy Cities
blog 21 mars 2019
Spain is reforming its Energy and Climate Policy. A ray of hope?

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Germany creates a climate cabinet

blog 18 March 2019
Grenoble, a laboratory for citizen participation

blog 12 March 2019
Climate change is everyone’s business!

blog 8 mars 2019
Policy brief: Make the EU Greta'gain

blog 7 March 2019
The city of Bottrop is transitioning from a coal and steel city into an innovation hub

blog 28 février 2019
EU elections manifesto

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