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  Monthly newsletter n°267 - December 2018  
    Policy brief: Does the French new energy programme maintain the status quo or signal a shift in trajectory?

by Claire Roumet, Executive director of Energy Cities By some quirk of the calendar (or not), France unveiled its pluriannual energy programme the day before the European Commission was scheduled to publish its own long-term strategy. The latter plan, which should prove ambitious, is targeting (...)

Energy Cities at COP24
The United Nations Climate Change Conference starts today ! Our Vice President Peter Marland, Mayor of Milton Keynes will represent us in Katowice, but (...)


Transatlantic city exchange on energy democracy: citizens should not be in the background - We tell you everything!
The energy transition in a global economy can only be successful if individuals change. And individuals change when encouraged and the right incentives are (...)


Energy Cities Conference 2019 : Save the date and get inspired!
Join us in Heidelberg for next year’s major event and discover the ICCA International Conference on Climate Action in Heidelberg In 2019, Eckart Würzner, (...)


How Milton Keynes used artificial intelligence to better engage with its citizens
The relationship between a city´s decision makers and citizens is of mutual importance. For local authorities, it is hence crucial to take the pulse of (...)


Transition cities: there is life after coal!
Energy transition in coal mining regions is not a new issue, but lately, it has come up often in my newsfeed. I am sure you have heard about the protests (...)

Energy Cities
blog 17 April 2019
Innovating financing : 5 handbooks to help cities improve energy performance

blog 15 April 2019
Policy brief: "Duty of care"

blog 12 April 2019
Remunicipalisation: yes you can!

blog 5 April 2019
Do you want to divest from fossil fuels ? This publication will help you!

blog 4 April 2019
Frankfurt: A web platform to support citizens in condominium energy renovation throughout Germany

blog 1er avril 2019
Come and join your peers in Heidelberg at our Annual Conference 2019!

blog 1 April 2019
Greta Thunberg appointed environmental spokesperson for the Trump administration

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