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  Monthly newsletter n°266 - November 2018  
    Policy brief: Retrofutur, a counter-history of energy innovations

by Claire Roumet, Executive director of Energy Cities As first cold arrives, you just want to sit by the fire and travel without really moving. For once, in this "political" editorial, I’m going to talk about a book, an invitation to temporal and spatial exploration, an amazing itinerary (...)

Local energy & climate roadmaps: 5 city visions for 2050
The EU is currently designing a new 2050 strategy for reducing its GHG emissions, which should be in line with the Paris climate agreement. Many European (...)


Support a fair energy transition by sharing your city’s experience
"A city is not gauged by its length and width, but the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams" – Herb Caen Municipalities are centers of (...)


The top 13 values that bind Ordinary Energy Transition Pioneers (POTEs)
By Carine Dartiguepeyrou and Christiane Maurer “A value is a human quality to which we attribute importance, which we express by means of what we think, (...)


This small town model will help you boost energy efficiency actions in buildings!
Located at the outskirts of Larnaca (Cyprus), Aradippou is a small town with a big vision. Thanks to its size, its homogenous building stock and its (...)

Energy Cities
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EU Parliament elections – most important ever?

blog 15 May 2019
Policy brief: Ecological transition = changes (everyday life + approach)

blog 13 May 2019
Time to redefine multilevel governance! Join the Mayors Session at ICCA!

blog 9 May 2019
EU-US cooperation: Unconventional energy stories from four “allied cities”

blog 7 May 2019
Unprecedented show of ambition from Mayors across Europe on a shared energy transition

blog 6 May 2019
New publication out: Investment needs for the local energy transition

blog 25 April 2019
HOTMAPS: a free online software to transform your city’s energy future!

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