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    Policy brief

by Claire Roumet, Executive Director of Energy Cities The energy climate reminds me of the present weather conditions: a long, almost never-ending winter seems to go on and on. The sky clears for a moment and then back to heavy showers. You may object that this is normal weather in March; but (...)

Rennes storytelling: it's all about partnerships around climate and energy
The City of Rennes and Rennes Metropolitan Area have, for several decades, been involved in developing an ambitious energy and climate policy aimed at (...)


More people, cheaper power: the success of energy bulk purchase in Belgium
An energy bulk purchase open to all At the beginning of this year, the city of Brussels launched the second edition of the energy bulk purchase for the (...)


Financing: EU cities and regions share knowledge and boost expertise
How to make a financial analysis of an Energy Performance Contracting project financed by an ESCO compared to other financing mechanisms such as equipment (...)


Smart Cities: it’s all about finding the right balance and being #smartertogether
Is your city a smart city? Is it moving from an analogue to a digitally-driven place implementing new energy, traffic and transport solutions that respect (...)


Why social sciences matter for the energy transition
Energy has become an intrinsic part of modern life. It is what allows us to connect with each other, move around, cure diseases, produce, learn, and it has (...)


Upcoming events
April 2018 Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue From 17 to 18 April, Berlin, Germany Over the past years, the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue has become (...)

Energy Cities
blog 23 May 2019
EU Parliament elections – most important ever?

blog 15 May 2019
Policy brief: Ecological transition = changes (everyday life + approach)

blog 13 May 2019
Time to redefine multilevel governance! Join the Mayors Session at ICCA!

blog 9 May 2019
EU-US cooperation: Unconventional energy stories from four “allied cities”

blog 7 May 2019
Unprecedented show of ambition from Mayors across Europe on a shared energy transition

blog 6 May 2019
New publication out: Investment needs for the local energy transition

blog 25 April 2019
HOTMAPS: a free online software to transform your city’s energy future!

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