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  Monthly newsletter n°258 - February 2018  
    Policy brief: BU(E)RGER ENERGY

by Claire Roumet, Executive Director of Energy Cities No, it is not a cheesy offer from the latest trendy burger restaurant. It is German for “energy community organisations”, which have made the reputation and success of the energy transition in Germany. How many times have we heard that for (...)

EU Energy Poverty Observatory: Yet another empty shell?
On 29 January, the European Commission launched its Energy Poverty Observatory, resulting from a 40-month project implemented by a consortium of 13 (...)


Interview: Is the energy transition still making the Franco-German heart leap?
In the past, France and Germany made very different political choices. Today, however, a convergence of their objectives is giving new life to the (...)


Home is where you renovate: Solutions for multi-apartment blocks! #rennes2018
"My home has no door, My home has no roof. My home has no windows. It ain’t water proof" sings French singer Camille in her song "Home Is Where It Hurts". (...)


#AssisesTE – You were not in Geneva last week? We tell you everything!
The 19th edition of the European Energy Transition Conference was in full swing from 30th January to 1st February. Organised for the first time in Greater (...)

Energy Cities
blog 26 octobre 2018
The top 13 values that bind Ordinary Energy Transition Pioneers (POTEs)

blog 24 October 2018
This small town model will help you boost energy efficiency actions in buildings!

blog 22 October 2018
New publication out: Local energy and climate roadmaps - 5 city visions for 2050

blog 17 October 2018
Support a fair energy transition by sharing your city’s experience

blog 16 October 2018
Policy brief: A call for local liberties

blog 11 October 2018
Covenant Cities in the Spotlight: And the winners are... [drum roll]

blog 10 October 2018
How can local Franco-German cooperation accelerate the energy transition?

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