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  Monthly newsletter n°253 - September 2017  
    Policy brief: the Future of Europe – busting myths

“The Future of Europe” is the title of a White Paper published by the Commission last March with 5 scenarios for the EU27 by 2025. Busy as we were analysing the 1,000 pages of the Energy legislative package, we did not take a really close look at the various options put on the table for (...)

Energy Cities Conference 2018 : Save the date and discover Rennes
This time it’s the City and the Urban Community of Rennes, in the north-western tip of France, which will host the 2018 Annual Conference of Energy Cities. (...)


How to finance your SECAP: EU-wide peer-to-peer learning with PROSPECT
Financing sustainable energy and climate projects: a challenge for cities and regions A growing number of European cities and regions have engaged in the (...)


Spreading renewables, clearing bottlenecks - the Renewables Networking Platform
Europe needs more local renewable and community energy projects! Where do we stand with this and what are the bottlenecks? We hope to find answers with the (...)


European Energy Transition Conference (Assises) - 10 days left for your contribution
A major event of energy transition stakeholders, the European conference "Assises de la transition énergétique" gathers each year over 3,000 participants (...)


Join the Euro-Med Community for energy efficiency in public buildings
You’re an expert in Mediterranean building issues or, at least, you know someone who can be called like this? Then, please connect with the Euro-Med (...)


Lisbon : City administration and citizens working together to improve life in sensible urban areas
Several years ago, the City of Lisbon launched the BIP/ZIP strategy, aiming to promote social and territorial cohesion, active citizenship, (...)

Energy Cities
blog 15 février 2019
Franco-German Energy Transition Week: Local authorities and national leaders commit to the Energy Transition

blog 14 February 2019
New LIFE PlanUp project shines a light on EU National Energy and Climate Plans

blog 14 February 2019

blog 12 February 2019
Remunicipalisation of the local energy supply: register to our workshop in Ettlingen!

blog 11 February 2019
The youth revolution

blog 6 February 2019
A district of Pamplona reduces citizens' energy bills by €560/year

blog 31 January 2019
Solarclick collaboration keeps local energy transition turning in Brussels

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