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  Monthly newsletter n°241 - June 2016  
    Policy brief: Are you SuperBLOCKs or BLOCKchain (or both)?

This month, Energy Cities launched a new project: "LIFE Living Streets". The idea is to BLOCK cars from using a street for a few months so that citizens have time to imagine how to make better use of public space. It has been very successful in Ghent (Belgium), where the concept was first (...)

Try new DDDelicious local flavours in new issue of Energy Cities INFO
There are still some days left until summer starts. Nevertheless, we already suggest the three new DDDelicious flavours that will give Europe’s energy (...)


EFSI loans and guarantees for the low carbon plans of three French regions
The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) has already supported some 60 projects, but very few regions and no cities have so far benefitted from (...)


Urban Community of Dunkirk / Arcelor-Mittal: An ambitious partnership for a successful energy transition
The idea of creating an industrial waste heat network in Dunkirk, a port and industrial city in northern France, and in the neighbouring town of Saint-Pol (...)


Covenant of Mayors Benchmarks of Excellence: Get inspired by over 3,000 good practices!
The catalogue of Benchmarks of Excellence is the Covenant of Mayors database of good practices submitted by signatories, Coordinators and Supporters. Get (...)


EUSEW 2016: Energy democracy and local leadership in the energy transition on the agenda
Energy Cities is co-organizing two events during the Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) this year. We will discuss the role of energy citizens, local (...)

Energy Cities
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Interview: Is the energy transition still making the Franco-German heart leap?

blog 8 February 2018
When the EIB is learning from cities: more EU money for local energy?

blog 5 February 2018
An EU budget to make energy citizens a reality

blog 30 January 2018
Destination 100% Renewable Energy: How far are cities?

blog 22 January 2018
Innovative Financing in Cities and Regions: Join a unique EU-wide P2P learning programme!

blog 22 January 2018
Financing local climate & energy actions: Get inspired by Covenant cities and regions!

blog 18 January 2018
Everybody to Switzerland!

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