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  Monthly newsletter n°231 - May 2015  
    Political editorial - "Brussels from the inside"

Energy Cities’ Director Claire Roumet takes us behind the scenes in Brussels and shares her opinion on the latest EU policy developments. First battle on energy and climate issues at the European Parliament, about the proposals for using the Investment Plan, also called "Juncker Plan". What (...)

"Vibrant, resilient cities" - the latest Energy Cities INFO magazine out now
The first landmark achievement of the Juncker Commission has been the “Energy Union” proposal, a name with strong symbolic weight, as it carries the hope of (...)


Interview with Mayor of Almada (Portugal) Joaquim Judas
What is the city’s most ambitious target in terms of sustainable energy? Almada has a long history of working on energy and climate policies which date (...)


The "bicycle-friendly" city of Nantes hosts Velo-City 2015 Conference
Nantes has introduced an ambitious Cycle Plan for the Greater Nantes area as part of the Urban Mobility Plan. Greater Nantes (Nantes Metropole) encourages (...)


COP21: A dense "cities and regions agenda"
Momentum is building towards the UN Climate Conference to be held in December. While there is still a little more than six months to go, only 35 States (...)


Come and meet Energy Cities during EUSEW: 15-19 June!
Wednesday 17 June 09:00-10:30 Energy Label 2015 : A new look for market transformation and consumer empowerment EUSEW workshop organized with EEB and (...)

Energy Cities
blog 20 August 2018
What if your weekend getaway could damage your health?

blog 17 August 2018
The Energy Cities network welcomes 30 Greek cities!

blog 7 août 2018
Artificial Intelligence - the next frontier for local energy transition

blog 2 août 2018
Fostering District Heating and Cooling in European Cities – Policy recommendations from the HEATNET project

blog 30 juillet 2018
EU energy policy: what’s in store for you in the fall?

blog 26 July 2018
From energy funds to match-funding: innovative ways of financing the energy transition at the local level

blog 25 July 2018
The Covenant of Mayors - Europe is launching the Cities in the Spotlight awards

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