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  Cyprus to install 20,000 e-vehicle recharging points by 2020
27 octobre 2014 - 11:28, par Blandine Pidoux | 117 visits
Signing or the "Covenant of Mayors" or the "Pact of Islands" to implement projects that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the territory by more than 20% by 2020, local authorities of Cyprus, together with the Energy Agency, prepare the implementation of energy projects action, highlighting the role of local government in the (...)
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  Energy Efficiency: UK cities call on Prime Minister to show ambition at European Council
17 October 2014 - 16:09, by Alix Bolle | 369 visits
Read in Euractiv and The Guardian. Bristol, Aberdeen, Leicester and Milton Keynes, all members of Energy Cities, sent a letter Wednesday 15 October to Prime Minister David Cameron urging him the to « support an ambitious, binding, energy efficiency target for 2030, not primarily to save energy or comply with international targets, (...)
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  The CoR urges the EU to opt for a more ambitious 2030 climate-energy package
13 octobre 2014 - 16:28, par Blandine Pidoux | 245 visits
In its opinion on the 2030 energy-climate package, adopted on October 8th, the Committee of the Region urges the EU to opt for a "winning trio" of binding and ambitious targets.
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  Second largest UN centre exhibiting Display® poster
9 October 2014 - 18:48, by Floriane Bernardot | 406 visits
Since 2008 a number of measures have been taken to reduce the energy consumption of the second largest United Nations centre resulting in a reduction of 30% by 2013.
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  EU Commission interviewed on Covenant of Mayors’ key contribution to Energy Security
8 October 2014 - 10:53, by Floriane Bernardot | 308 visits
Ahead of the 9 October High Level Covenant of Mayors Conference*, Marie Donnelly (Director for Energy Transition at the European Commission’s DG Energy) explains how the Covenant of Mayors can improve Europe’s energy security with an increased sense of urgency ahead of the looming winter (...)
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  #RidesharingDay or why driving together means more fun
3 October 2014 - 14:50, by Béatrice Alcaraz | 535 visits
It is well-known that access to public transportation can be a problem in rural areas. People do not necessarily have the choice: they need a car for travelling and they tend to drive alone. Unfortunately, car-sharing is still much more current in cities than in rural areas. The "Mobile together" project aims to change this via the (...)
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  Let’s IMAGINE... regenerative urban development at the 4th Future of Cities Forum
29 September 2014 - 12:32, by Floriane Bernardot | 1198 visits
Organised by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the World Future Council and Energy Cities, the 4th Future of Cities Forum is also the Final Conference of the IMAGINE...low energy cities project.
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  Romanian cities receive funding to speed up mobility plans development
23 septembre 2014 - 15:14, par Blandine Pidoux | 402 visits
Thanks to a funding by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Braşov is one of eight Romanian cities receiving help in the development of its SUMP.
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