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  Grenoble, a laboratory for citizen participation
18 March 2019 - 11:00, by Béatrice Karas | 110 visits
Since 2014, the mayor of Grenoble and his team have been working on transforming the city into a true “transition city”, in the most democratic way possible. Grenoble works as an urban laboratory and is implementing a slew of initiatives related to democratic (...)
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  Climate change is everyone’s business!
12 March 2019 - 16:43, by Sara Giovannini | 336 visits
Climate change is not news…we have known since the ‘80s and our governments have been discussing it for a very long time. But despite the Kyoto protocol in the ’90s and the Paris Agreement in 2015, countries have been not doing enough to protect our health and the (...)
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  Policy brief : Make the EU Greta’gain
8 mars 2019 - 12:21, par Claire Roumet | 271 visits
Claire Roumet, executive director of Energy Cities
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  The city of Bottrop is transitioning from a coal and steel city into an innovation hub
7 March 2019 - 16:07, by Tatjana Veith | 341 visits
LESSONS LEARNT December 21st, 2018, Bottrop, Germany: An era comes to an end, with the extraction of the last piece of coal from the Prosper coal mine – active for more than 150 years and one of Germany´s last hard coal mine.
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  EU elections manifesto
28 février 2019 - 13:55, par Adrian Hiel | 576 visits
Our demands to future EU leaders - out now !
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  GET INVOLVED! What is your role in advancing the energy transition ?
26 February 2019 - 16:23, by Tatjana Veith | 431 visits
REN 21, the Renewable Energy Policy Network of the 21st century, will publish the first-ever renewables in cities global status report during Energy Cities annual conference at the 2019 ICCA. In order to showcase the recent developments of renewable energy in cities and the role played by local authorities in advancing the energy (...)
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  Solar panel rental: Lorient offers an innovative financing model
26 February 2019 - 08:43, by Béatrice Karas | 476 visits
The City of Lorient and Oncimé have achieved great success with a ground-breaking solar panel rental system.
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  2018 Activities Report is out now
22 February 2019 - 10:02, by Adrian Hiel | 430 visits
2018 will go down as a foundational year in delivering a local energy transition. Here at Energy Cities we’ve been working to strengthen the role of cities and their skills in the field of sustainable energy, representing cities’ interests at the EU level and promoting the incredible and inspiring expertise of our member (...)
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Villes pairs, territoires pilotes de la transition : vers un référentiel partagé pour soutenir les trajectoires de transition
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Efficiencia energetica en edificios publicos
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Thursday 4 April 11:00-13:00

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