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  Polish-German city cooperation : promoting low emission actions on a local level
27 mai 2016 - 12:07, par Miriam Eisermann | 140 visits
Our collective member PNEC (Polish Network of Energie Cités) initiates German-Polish city partnerships to foster exchange of experiences and solutions on the road to a low-emission economy.
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  How to make Europe number 1 in Energy Efficiency?
24 May 2016 - 16:16, by Béatrice Alcaraz | 200 visits
Since 2011 and thanks to considerable progress in energy efficiency policies there are more new or improved energy efficiency policies but more effort is needed to achieve the 2020 target.
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  The Udine Climate Fund: another step towards a sustainable energy city
23 May 2016 - 15:36, by Béatrice Alcaraz | 194 visits
, 23 May 2016 - 15:36, by Jana Cicmanova | 194 visits
From its central position just in the middle of Friuli historical region, Udine has always renewed, year by year, its commitment towards the environmental sustainability in general and the reduction of CO2 emissions in particular.
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  #Bornova2016 - Get into the Grand Bazaar !
20 mai 2016 - 12:51, par Blandine Pidoux | 230 visits
Energy Cities’ Annual Conference in Bornova, Turkey, is in only 2 weeks now and we are happy to announce today the list of 24 forums that were selected for our "bazaar" sessions...
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  Malmö awarded in Brussels for its outstanding mobility plan
17 mai 2016 - 14:49, par Blandine Pidoux | 150 visits
On 20 April, our member city of Malmö (Sweden) was announced by Director-General for DG MOVE, Mr. Henrik Hololei, as the winner of the 4th Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning Award.
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  Sit and connect: First solar bench installed in Litoměřice
11 May 2016 - 14:21, by Floriane Cappelletti | 431 visits
Litoměřice is the first Czech city to provide its citizens with a smart solar bench. ‘CapaSitty’ was recently installed in the Václav Havel public park.
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  New dialogues between cities & local stakeholders
10 mai 2016 - 12:38, par Blandine Pidoux | 523 visits
Energy Cities has carried out a new exploratory study for cities and diverse project leaders desiring to start a sustainable energy transition in collaboration with all stakeholders in their territory.
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  #Bornova2016 - Remunicipalising energy services: why and how?
6 May 2016 - 10:32, by Floriane Cappelletti | 435 visits
Over the last 15 years, 235 cities in 37 countries have brought water services back under public control benefiting 100 million people.
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