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  Cities heading towards 100% renewable energy
6 December 2016 - 14:54, by Béatrice Alcaraz | 352 visits
CLER, Energy Cities and Réseau Action Climat collaborated to prepare this publication. The aim is to provide guidance and solutions to French cities and metropolitan areas anxious to embark on a 100% renewable energy path. This report is based on the knowledge and experience of the authors’ networks, as well as on around 30 interviews (...)
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  Democracy, Decentralisation, Divestment: ’3D screening’ of the EU Energy Package
30 November 2016 - 16:26, by Alix Bolle | 266 visits
How “3D compatible” is the newly released, 1200-page strong “clean energy for all Europeans” package released today by the European Commission? How much does it contribute to a system shift towards more prosperity, legitimacy and leadership on sustainable energy? In other words: how is legitimacy secured by Democratizing the energy (...)
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  Covenant of Mayors: Transforming Cities into key EU Climate and Energy Actors
29 November 2016 - 12:41, by David Donnerer | 214 visits
According to the new study "The Role of Cities in Climate and Energy Policies: The Case of the Covenant of Mayors" by David Donnerer from Aarhus University, the Covenant of Mayors has empowered cities in their climate and energy policy-making capacities and their multi-level governance relations to become key EU climate and energy (...)
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  The low-carbon future starts in buildings : Display® Campaign presented at COP 22
24 novembre 2016 - 09:12, par Ian Turner | 194 visits
While last week’s COP22 highlighted the need for stronger North-South cooperation, Energy Cities presented in Marrakech the ADEME-supported Display® Campaign to cities within the Maghreb. During this side event titled ‘Display®, let your buildings talk’ Ian Turner provided a background of the Display® campaign and the success that it has (...)
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  Carbon credits: think local !
21 November 2016 - 11:53, by Béatrice Alcaraz | 169 visits
One of the possible financial incentives to foster low-carbon economies is pricing carbon and regulating its quantity through a carbon emissions trading system (ETS). In the European Union, the current system launched in 2005 has generated revenues, but much less than expected for several reasons: the carbon price is hovering around (...)
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  Guest Article - "Energising the Sustainable Economy", by Andrea Crump (London Borough of Sutton)
As populations continue to rise and public purse strings tighten, local authorities are having to balance ever-increasing demands on services with fewer and fewer resources – all of which places significant pressure on our environment.
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  Covenant of Mayors: A high-level ceremony to launch the 2nd phase of the initiative in the Eastern Partnership countries
14 November 2016 - 15:36, by Floriane Cappelletti | 370 visits
On 26-27 October, more than 350 representatives of central, regional and local authorities gathered in Yerevan, Armenia, to launch new EU initiatives in support to local sustainable development and economic growth in the Eastern Partnership countries.
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  Blockchain and energy: a paradigm shift ?
10 November 2016 - 09:17, by Olivier Lagarde | 556 visits
On 26 October, the conference office on studies of Tecsol "Photovoltaic self-consumption and Blockchain" was held in Paris. At this symposium, the Tecsol design office engineers unveiled the mysteries of self-consumption and the use of blockchain for the service distribution network. This article will provide you with an insight (...)
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