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  EEFIG report identifies ways to drive new finance for energy efficiency investments
27 February 2015 - 17:16, by Floriane Bernardot | 188 visits
On 26 February, the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) co-convened by the European Commission and UNEP Finance Initiative launched its final report on the occasion of the Heating and Cooling Conference.
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  Energy Union – It can’t work without cities and citizens
26 February 2015 - 14:37, by Floriane Bernardot | 181 visits
‘Cities are key to the establishment of the Energy Union project’ said Commission Vice President Maroš Šefčovič yesterday at a high-level roundtable which gathered some 20 leaders of European cities. Cities are the largest consumers of energy in Europe, and where three quarters of carbon emissions are generated. A successful EU Energy (...)
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  Energy Cities’ Annual Conference #mayors2015 - How is your city shifting to a new economy?
24 February 2015 - 17:43, by Floriane Bernardot | 264 visits
At Energy Cities’ Annual Conference, local leaders and experts from cities and other organisations of all over Europe will take time to discuss the link between energy transition and local development.
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  Liège, partner city of the new Smart City Institute
13 février 2015 - 14:45, par Blandine Pidoux | 353 visits
Hosted in the Management School of the University of Liege (HEC-ULg) and in the continuation of the activities led by the Accenture Chair in Sustainable Strategy since 2010, the Smart City Institute has just been launched, under the direction of Professor Nathalie Crutzen and with the support of both public (City of Liege) and (...)
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  Biking in Bielsko-Biala (PL): a city on the move
10 February 2015 - 17:18, by Béatrice Alcaraz | 304 visits
After the campaign "Save energy, protect the climate", the municipality of Bielsko-Biala continues its way to sustainability with "BBbike", a new self-serviced bike rental system. BBbike was launched on 1 October 2014.
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  Aberdeen 2015 : Registration is open !
9 février 2015 - 15:11, par Béatrice Alcaraz | 341 visits
Many European cities are facing globalisation and the economic crisis while following the linear “take-make-consume and dispose” pattern of growth. What role can and do local authorities play in doing things differently to foster community resilience ?
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  Energy Union or top-down implementation? City Councillor speaks out at Riga Conference
6 February 2015 - 16:19, by Floriane Bernardot | 303 visits
The initial orientations given by the European Commission to flesh out its flagship proposal for an ‘Energy Union’ appear to misunderstand the wide meaning of the word ‘union’.
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  New Covenant of Mayors guide helps cities identify suitable funding opportunities for sustainable energy
5 February 2015 - 17:08, by Floriane Bernardot | 335 visits
Cities often find it challenging to find their way through the complex maze of EU funding streams, programmes and mechanisms.
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